Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Please Keep Your Bible at Home

It was only yesterday that I blogged about having a date for Sunday. Such is no longer the case. To allow you to fully appreciate what has taken place, let me recreate the conversation...

We are standing in the cafeteria.

Him: "Hey, I am looking forward to our date Sunday." I nod pleasantly, while eye balling the strange looking meatloaf on the other side of the sneeze guard.

He inquires about when my church lets out, and asks where I would like to eat at. More small talk follows. And then....

Him: "You seem like a nice christian girl. I can't wait for us to get together to discuss our love of God and Jesus Christ." Really? "It's nice to meet someone who shares in my beliefs."

Let's back up, shall we? I inquire as to his beliefs. His reply is, "You know, a belief in God." Ok. Gotcha. "A belief in family." Yep. I'm still with ya, Scooter. "And a belief in waiting til marriage to have sex." What???

"Should I bring my bible to dinner so we can read some scripture?" At this point I looked around the room wondering if someone was playing a practical joke. No such luck.

I politely explained my points of view on the aboved mentioned beliefs. I calmly suggested that he need not worry about bringing his bible, that there was not going to be any date. Then I proceeded to shake my head, and walk back to my office.

Such is my life.....

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  1. I am not one to post on some one else's blog but I think I will this time. I have this feeling that because the man says he wants to be married before having sex is not the real reason one would call of a date. I am not currently in the dating pool but have thought much about it and if a girl had those beliefs we would probably not go far in a relationship but maybe she would become a true friend. I have this friend that I have known for many years and we have different beliefs on many topics but I still consider her a true friend, you might know her. Maybe you should just go with the flow with a guy that appears to be harmless and maybe something good will happen if not you can at least get that first date out of the way. STOP MAKING EXCUSES AND START LIVING YOUR LIFE!!!!