Thursday, May 6, 2010

Let Us Pray

Today is National Day of Prayer. Or something like that. There has been a big stink going on over at Facebook, and probably the other social networking sites, about our controversial president trying to ban this day. While I am sure Obama knows he could never actually do this, I am wondering what exactly is the big deal. Why do we need a national day of prayer in the first place? Are times so bad, that we need a pseudo-holiday to remind us to look to God to guidiance?

When I have posed these questions to others who are jumping on the public outcry ban wagon and calling for Obama's head on a platter, I have been met with contempt and anger. "How dare you question what others are posting on Facebook!" and "I read about it on another post, so it must be true." Yeah, if it's on Facebook, then it's 100% true. You can bet your narrow-minded little soul on that one.

After that, I am greeted with the tried, but true saying of "This country was founded on freedom of religion." It seems that whenever people of the christian faith feel their beliefs are being questioned, they go to this old standby. And that, dear readers, really chaps my narrow behind.

First, this country was not founded on freedom of religion. The drive for power is what lead the Portugese, Spanish, and English here. Only later was religion ever brought up. The English settlers who came might have had their own ways of worship on their mind, but it was not freedom they were offering. The natives that were already here practiced their own form of religion; which they were forced to give up.

So, forgive me when I get a little huffy about the whole "this country was founded on freedom of religion" theory. It doesn't work. Furthermore, if we are to put this theory into practice, why was there such an uproar when it was believed that Obama was a Muslim? Freedom of religion. Remember?

Now, do not get me wrong. I am not questioning anyone's religious beliefs. I know what I believe to be right. But, you can not argue that you have a constitutional right to a national day of prayer and then denounce the man voted into public office because of his believed relgious preference. The constitution and the bible are two different items that do not have anything to do with one another.

All I am saying is this: If you want to pray to God, pray to Him. (I do.) If you pray to Budda, Alah, Lucifer, or whoever else....then pray to them. You don't need a day set aside for it.

And don't believe everything you read on Facebook.....

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