Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I bled today.
It splattered across the pages
Of my life.

I bled today.
My heart beat

I bled today.
My secrets were told.
The shadows parted.
The smell of copper
Filled the room.

I wrote today.
The story poured out of me
Like the blood gushes from a
Fresh wound.
It was brilliant
In all dark reds
And thick liquids.

I wrote today.
My blood splattered
Against the keys.
The words coursed
Through my veins.

I bled my secrets onto
The pages.
I laid my wounds out
For all to see.
My soul bore witness
To the days gone by.

I bled today.
Sleepily I closed my eyes.
I laid my head against the pillow.
I felt my heart beat
Its final beats.

I bled today.
But I did not die.  

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