Friday, November 30, 2012

Stage Fright

I know who I am supposed to Be.
The words I am supposed to Speak.
I know the Rhythm and the Rhyme
of my daily Life.
I know the Steps I am supposed to take.

But I don't want to be
The Person I am supposed to Be.
I don't want to Speak those
Dark words of Pain and Mishap.
I don't want to have that
Effect on others.

I Wish to remain curled up
Within myself.
Protected by my Own Thoughts.

I want my Shadows to stay Hidden.
I want my Demons to remain Secret.

My Blood should be kept in my Veins.
Flowing steady underneath my Skin.

My Essence should not be
Spilled for the Enjoyment of Others.
My Spirit should not be put on
Display for all the World to see.

I don't Want this.
None of It.
All I've ever Wanted was
Someone to Love and Children to Hold.
I did not want be this Person.

Fighting who you Are can be
As difficult as Fighting
The Will of God.

And just as Deadly. 

1 comment:

  1. The words you will share as a future playwright will carry more weight than you know. Not only will they speak your truth, but they will speak the truth of many others who do not have the capability to express their pain either in writing or out loud. Your words will free others from the secrets they hide by providing a valid starting place to discuss the violence, the pain, the anger and shame they carry from these experiences. Wherever and however this play is presented, it will resonate, echo, and heal for years to come.