Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Love Life Found Dead in Home

The Love Life of Weslyn Chavis came to a tragic end on Saturday, September 18, 2010. However, the Love Life's body was not actually discovered until two days later.

As of today, crime scene tape is still up around where the body was found. Police are not publicly saying what the cause of death is. Inside sources are stating that all signs point to strangulation.

"It looks to me like whoever actually was involved with Weslyn Chavis's Love Life might have played a big role in the Love Life's death. We can't say for sure until all the forensic evidence comes back from the lab," a source close to the investigation stated.

Right now, the biggest question facing Weslyn Chavis is: How is she going to survive without a love life?

"I don't think I need one," Ms. Chavis spoke openly with reporters. "I mean, it would be nice to have one. But, if it's going to be this much trouble, I'd rather just do without."

With a murder suspect on the loose, police have advised single women living in the area to take extra precaution with their Love Lives.

"My advice to every single woman out there is to guard your Love Lives closely. Don't just let any person around them. This could happen to your Love Life." Police Chief Henderson said Tuesday morning.

Funeral arrangements have not been announced. Once the autopsy is completed, the Love Life will be received by The Heartbroken Funeral Home on Wayward Street.

Ms. Chavis requests in lew of flowers, monetary donations be made into her bank account.

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