Thursday, May 2, 2013

Seek Out the Pow Wow

I need the Drums.
As I need Air.
They are Life sustaining.
They are Sweet.

I require the voices.
The Singers and their Chants
To nourish my Spirit.
To replenish my Soul.

The Dancers are here,
In their colorful regalia,
Telling me the stories of the Ancestors.
It is my Story
Told by their Steps.
It is how I know we
Are all Connected.

I need the Pow Wow.
Just like a homeless man Needs shelter.
Like a starving man Craves bread.

I will seek out My people.
I will close my eyes and soak in their Sound.
I will see their feet Dancing.
I will feed off the Drums.

I will seek them All out,
Because my Soul depends on it.

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