Sunday, March 3, 2013

Teaching You

They will show you a path in which treasure sits at the very end of its winding corridors.                           Majestic trees, leaves the color of amber, branches thick and strong, line each side.                                      They will show it to you and say "Don't go there."

They will show you a home with lighted windows and music drifting out of them into the night.                  Laughter plays on the doorsteps teasing you with its gaiety.                                                                                      They will show it to you and say, "Don't enter there."
They will show you a pool of shimmering fluid  that reflects the warm sun and it will invite you in to wash You of your sins and cool your temperature.                                                                                                                     They will show it to you and say, "Don't swim there."
Then they will bring you to a place of blackness and death.                                                                                        Where graves sit rotting and stinking in the cold wind.                                                                                                Where promises are broken and cries are carried on the wings of a long extinct bird.                                     They will show it to you and say, "There. Go there. That is your home."
And you will go simply because you do not know any better.

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